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Posted by on Feb 18, 2015

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Miracles in tech industry are made every day, and software and hardware changes are shaping the future of our everyday lives in ways we can’t yet imagine. But we can follow the news and think about future options in store. Here, we wish to share with you the news that will effect the future of internet.

Big Data from IBM
Word Cloud "Big Data"If you thought the time of supercomputers was in the past because new ones can fit on your desk, boy, were you wrong. And also – you probably never heard of IBM’s z13 mainframe computer. Big guys are back, with this week released giant that represents the future of computing and data processing. Guys from IBM say that z13 is able of processing 2.5 billion transactions every day, and this is bigger than you could imagine. Unless you are an expert in this field, then it’s exactly as you imagine, and yes – it’s a lot. This news is real big for everyone that knows the complex processing work done behind everyday communications that our lives rely on so much.
Rise of online sales
How-to-Improve-Online-SalesWith holiday season safe behind us, economy guys have crunched some numbers and results seem pretty interesting. Following famous Black Friday came the Cyber Monday, and it broke all the records. This year’s sales rose 17% compared to last years, which is huge. Really, very huge. And this information has even more impact after you find out that this rise was directly related to the drop in the classic, hand to hand, sales. This is one of the signs that future is coming and it’s digital. Internet is all around us, we’re on the social networks and web sites all the time. Even advertising went to internet. So, why not sales? More and more people are using the commodities of internet purchase, and even tho traditional shopping probably won’t ever die out, things are about to change big time.

Internet of Everything
Well, guys, it’s official: we are living in the future we were watching in sci-fi movies when we were kids. The idea of Internet of Everything has been around for quite some time: concept is that everything can be connected to internet – your fridge, your wash machine, your car or your dog? Everything can have an IP address and be accessible via internet. Do I have to tell you what does this mean? Probably not, because with a little use of imagination you can see some possible applications of this system. Just imagine, industry driven by idea that everything is programmable and accessible on the internet. And the thing that makes it serious is the fact that the idea is now starting to become a reality. Linux Foundation started gathering companies to help this project and make it a reality. And we all know just what Linux is and how awesome those guys are.